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Predicting the Future with ECA

by Steve Mayo

“With Equity Curve Analyzer, Nirvana has created a product that appears to be able to predict the future.”

Steve Mayo is a clinical scientist who has worked with the Nirvana technical team to develop and test the ECA tool set. In this article, Steve talks about why this technology has the power to change the way people invest in the markets…

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Steve Mayo

Mark Holstius

Building Better Strategies

by Mark Holstius

Mark explains his approach to the Pro Tools.

“To get maximum returns, one can use MULTIPLE Dynamic Portfolios in an account. And Yes! The Portfolio shown here gets to $170 Million Ending Equity.”

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“I’ve been successfully swing trading for 15 years but I’ve come to conclude that my results with OmniVest and the Pro Tools far exceed my own swing trading results. I only trade OmniVest now. It’s that good!” – John Wolfraad

“I have been a Nirvana customer and Omnitrader user for about 17 years. Over that time the service I have received from you and your team has been exemplary. 2 years later I can say it was, in fact, dirt cheap and possibly one of the best investments I have ever made.” – Steve Leurman