Dynamic List

Creating Dynamic Strategies Across the Entire Market

Our users know that OmniScan will generate a list of symbols with a specific setup, like "all symbols that have been strongly trending up for several months and that are forming a "higher low".

This Higher Low Setup is showing in the example to the right.  While enhancing OmniVest, the idea occurred to us, "Why not generate a Setup Scan for every bar in the past?"

Dynamic List find all symbols from the entire market on each day in the past that had the given criteria (e.g., breaking to new highs)​ so the Strategies are firing more Signals, which in turn means the System is much more allocated and ONLY trading these Setups!

There are a number of "canned" Dynamic List on the platform that all our customers have access to.  Dynamic List are server-intensive, and must run when the market closes before OmniVest Stratgies can use them.  For this reason, ONLY  Pro users can create NEW Scans (up to 3 per user).

It's a great Pro Tools benefit.​

Scanning Hi Low Setups