Portfolio Wizard

Dynamic Portfolios Select the Best Strategies to Trade Every Day

In OmniVest, we typically build Strategies by testing Systems against List, and then use the resulting Strategies in a Portfolio with other Strategies.  But the resulting Portfolio is STATIC and does not change in the future.

Equity Curve Analyzer is a DYNAMIC process that identifies which Strategies have a high probability of making gains in the next week or month.​

Portfolio Wizard takes a group of Strategies and run ECA at each interval, choosing the Strategies to trade.  This process repeats each Month (or Week, depending on how the tool is configured) into the future.

Portfolio Wizard
Selection #2

A picture definitely is worth a thousand words!  The Equity Curve for the strategy in the example (left) shows how robust the results of this process can be.

It is important to note that this record is based on a Walk Forward Analysis - NOT a Back Test.  The historical results are generated at each interval without knowledge of what's going to happen next.

As Steve Mayo has aptly pointed out, this Walk Forward aspect of these tools makes it much easier to "trust" the statistics and trade the Portfolio in the live market with real funds.

The "Sister Product" to Portfolio Wizard, called Portfolio Balancer, performs the same process on Portfolios rather than Strategies.​

Complete Process (Top)
  1. Set Switching Interval.
  2. Select Strategies to analyze.
  3. Select Evaluation Functions for Portfolio Wizard
  4. Examine Output Performance
    for each Evaluation Function
    and select the one that yeilds
    the best performance.
  5. Save AS a New Portfolio
Complete Process (bottom)

Use the new Portfolio just like any other Portfolio, and/or combine them to achieve higher levels of investment.